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Important Note: From 2013 onwards, the recommended and actively developed version is PYTHIA 8, see the Important PYTHIA 6 announcement sent out in December 2012.

PYTHIA 6.4 is the last PYTHIA 6 version, containing the most up-to-date features and bug fixes. It is no longer actively developed but is maintained here in a legacy state. PYTHIA 6.4 was a direct continuation of version 6.3, and version 6.400 contained no news relative to PYTHIA 6.327.

The most recent program plus documentation package consists of:

  • The current version of the PYTHIA code: pythia-6.4.28.f.gz
  • Current update notes, describing the new features in PYTHIA 6.4, especially developments since the publication of the manual
  • Alternatively, you can use svn to check out the latest version: svn co local_directory_name
  • The complete PYTHIA 6.400 manual, published in JHEP 05 (2006) 026
    (LU TP 06-13, FERMILAB-PUB-06-052-CD-T, hep-ph/0603175)
    (including minor updates requested by the referee for the JHEP publication, and the new colour reconnection options in PYTHIA 6.402, as included in version 2 of hep-ph/0603175)
    pdf (with nice cross-referencing), or
    postscript, or
    two-pages-in-one postscript for more economical printing, or
    LaTeX source

Additional Material

For earlier versions of PYTHIA 6.4, see the downloads area.

Versions prior to PYTHIA 6.402 are only available on the old PYTHIA homepage.